At 2017, we opened a new Clube Kauli Seadi station, the Kite Center Clube Kauli Seadi, on Ponta do Santo Cristo east, where kite classes are offered. At this local where the new center is, the beach makes a light curve, having the trade winds in a more off shore direction, turning sailing a more safe condition for learners and intermediaries. There, you can rest during your sailing interval, delight yourself with a cold coconut water or a delicious açaí, among other tasteful meals; or simply enjoy watching the action under some shadow and a comfortable chair, hammock, and also bathroom and fresh water shower.


We offer a complete quiver of kites and bar from the top quality german brand Core Kites and Cabrinha, Naish and Core wave and twin tip boards, besides hydrofoil Okes.

Services offered:


For classes, we offer instructors that teach on english, portuguese and spanish, and use the BB talk radio system, where the student used a radio attached to its helmet and can talk, at real time, with the instructor, who listens to him and can reply back, even from far away,

You can learn no matter you level! If ou never practiced kite before, no problem! Our instructors will teach you first a theory, so you can get familiarized with the wind and gear, and then you go to the water for your first steps to sail alone! Also, if you already know how to sail and only want to develop, our teachers will offer you tips and lessons on advanced moves!

Gear rental

For rental, if you have level to sail by yourself, you can book the whole gear (kite, bar and board), or only what you need. We have the whole quiver!


We offer a safe space for keeping you own gear with us while you are here!




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