At 2017, we opened a new Clube Kauli Seadi station, the Kite Center Clube Kauli Seadi, on Ponta do Santo Cristo east, where kite classes are offered.

 Kite Center Kauli Seadi is the only school at São Miguel do Gostoso that is located just in front of the beach where kite classes are given; therefore besides offering kitesurf lessons, rental and storage, the clients and his friends or family have access to a comfortable environment where they can spend their day with a covered structure, filed with lounge areas with hammock, puffs, sun chairs, restaurant with seafood (besides vegetarian dishes and kids menu), snacks and refreshing drinks; freshwater shower, bathroom and a shop with all you need to enjoy your day at the beach (sailing clothes, bikinis, sun glasses, sunscreen, hats etc)
At the beach where our kite center is located, the wind comes a bit more sideways then other places at São Miguel, therefore kite lessons get more safe and the wind directions is more ideal and constant for practicing kitesurf. Our classes are offered for qualified instructors, and our club has the security pattern certified by IKO (International Kitesurf Organization). 
Our instructors offer classes in portuguese, french, english and spanish, and teach kids, adults, beginners or advanced sailors.
For more safety, we have a jet ski available for rescue!
Kite Center Kauli Seadi is totally prepared with comfort, safety and professionalism, so you can enjoy your vacations in the best way possible!


We offer a complete quiver of kites and bar from the top quality german brand Core Kites and Cabrinha, Naish and Core wave and twin tip boards, besides hydrofoil Okes.

Services offered:


Our lessons includes gear (KITES CORE – with size according to your needs and climate conditions, BAR, HARNESS AND BOARD) + instructor!  Service can be hired in three different ways: single classes, 1hour; 6 hours package; 10 hours package; single class, 1 hour, of kitefoil.

In case of packages, normally clients have 2h classes per day, but this can ben changed/adapted depending on the client needs.

You can learn no matter you level! If ou never practiced kite before, no problem! Our instructors will teach you first a theory, so you can get familiarized with the wind and gear, and then you go to the water for your first steps to sail alone! Also, if you already know how to sail and only want to develop, our teachers will offer you tips and lessons on advanced moves!

Gear rental

For rental, if you have level to sail by yourself, you can book the whole gear (kite, bar and board), or only what you need. We have the whole quiver!


We offer a safe space, in a locker with key, for keeping you own gear with us while you are here!


+55(84) 991286035 (telefone e WhatsApp)


Coming from Natal, 500 m before the entrance of  São Miguel do Gostoso, in the right, there is a colorful Kite Center sign and a road that takes you to the beach and leads to the kite center!

Coming from São Miguel do Gostoso, 500 m after the city entrance, to the left.




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