Clube Kauli Seadi

Clube Kauli Seadi is located in a strategic place: at northeast of Brazil, or country’s “corner”, at São Miguel do Gostoso city, Rio Grande do Norte state. We receive straight from ahead the east-southeast trade winds from south hemisphere, that blow during the whole year. Besides that, the tropical climate, with warm weather the whole year, and always warm water, turn Gostoso in one of the favorites sailors destination in the world!

The Clube Kauli Seadi is a space where you can rent gear, or have classes, of water sports such as windsurf and stand up paddle. We also offer “Storage”, where you can bring your own gear and keep it with us!

We have two clube stations: one at Cardeiro beach, and another in east Ponta do Santo Cristo, more dedicated to kitesurf!



360 Tour – Clube Station at Cardeiro beach

360 Tour – Clube Station at Ponta do Santo Cristo


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