São Miguel do Gostoso

São Miguel do Gostoso, at Rio Grande do Norte state, is a small and charming fisherman’s village who preserves the calm and simple environment, a paradise piece of around 110 km at north Natal, states capital.

The city, which was founded on 29 of september 1884, same day dedicated to São Miguel Arcanjo saint, got its nickname “Gostoso” (delicious, in portuguese) due to a old local who used to accommodate travelers and also used to tell funny stories together with “delicious” laughs. For this, the old man, become to get known as “Seu Gostoso”, and then the place it self became “São Miguel do Gostoso”.

The beach of the surroundings are beautiful, almost as a desert, and with wide sandy areas that attracts tourist from all over the world, being those who look for tranquility as those who wants adventures and fun, specially those who practice water sports as kite surf and windsurf, considering that the city is known for its trade winds that blows strong and constant, perfect for these practice. The ponta do Santo Cristo and praia do Cardeiro are the best places to practice these sports!

Cardeiro breach is really calm, with clear water. Here is where the Cardeiro beach, made by rain water. It also has great structure as bars and restaurant, and where the Pousada and Clube Kauli Seadi stays!

Maceió beach, 5 minutes away from downtown, is quiet, not much fuss and a beautiful landscape; from its wide beach area you can enjoy an amazing sunset!

Xepa beach is more at the downtown, parallel to main street, and has a night charm, with good bar, restaurants and shop options. Is one of the most crowded beach in the area! History says what its name is due to the World War two period, where the troops from brazillian soldiers, there located, used to call the meal time as “Xepa time”.

Far away only 15 minutes away from Gostoso downtown, is the famous Tourinhos beach, which is surrounded by beautiful cliffs and is one of the favorite place to swim because is protected from the wind, besides being one of the most beautiful sunset in the surround!

These are one of the few beaches that delight the visitors, São Miguel has much more to offer!

Around here is also possible to rent a bike, a buggy or a quad and explore around!

Every year, since 2013, happened in the city the “Mostra de Cinema de Gostos” (cinema exposition), with open air movies sections with the ultimate brazillian movies. Also, Gostos new years is nationally famous, and take up to 5 days of party with national and international attractions.

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