We offer top quality gear, offering a complete just new quiver of sails (3, 4 or 5 batten), 2018, from Hot Sails Maui , a hawaiian brand, e different models boards (wave, freestyle, free ride and school) from the italian brand 99 international, 2017.

Most of your mast are 100% carbon and our booms are from AL360, Chinook and Neilpryde X9 brands.

Services offered:

Gear rental

Dont botter on traveling with your own gear! We have what you need! For rental, you can book previously, choosing the size of the board, and sail that please you the most!


For classes, you can learn whatever is your level. If you have never practiced windsurf, our instructors will teach you all the theory on how the wind acts, each part of your gear works and will put in the water with school gera, until you get experience.
If you already practice and wants to develop, no problem! Our instructors also offer windsurf classes for intermediary or advanced levels, depending on your experience. Come learn with us!


For keeping your own gear with us, you have a safe and just in front of the beach pace, reserved for you to keep you gear with us!




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